I was looking for a way to advertise my Business, that was cost effective, so i decided to go for a web site.

Initially i was skeptical, but after two weeks of my sites launch i was receiving solid enquiries resulting in major projects.

With the downturn in the building trade this was probably one of the best decisions i have made

Lee Holder

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Hitch Design

Hitch Design aim to produce affordable web designs of superior quality for small businesses, Clubs, or Individuals.

Advertising has continuously been a key method to boost profits within businesses. Prospective clients will need to hear about your services before they will be able to call upon them.

However, since the Recession has come into force, along with the souring price of commodities it has never been more important to invest your funds wisely and push your business into the foreground, Investing in a Web site or re-vamping your old site is a relatively cheap alternative.

Advertising costs are ongoing a web site is a one time charge.

We cater for customer’s needs from a place to show their products, an online brochure to an interactive web site with associated emails.

Why take out a full size ad in your local newspaper when you can reach millions of customers by advertising your web address – this way customers can see what your business can provide from the comfort of their own home

Why Choose Hitch Design

Hitch Design is a Wolverhampton based web design company aiming to provide a friendly, personal web site service to small businesses, Clubs, or Individuals.

A professional web site can improve your company’s image, reputation and customer base – why advertise to a few hundred people when you can easily reach millions.

We tailor the web site to reflect your company image, and undertake the whole process for you from design and launch to continual updates when required.

All work will be project managed from Initiation Phase to Closing Phase

We have experience in search engine optimization – we help to move your company near the top of search engines such as Goggle, Yahoo, Msn